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Teva is committed to increasing access to high-quality healthcare and to improving the overall health of our communities - communities where we live and work, and communities that share our goal of enhancing science and improving healthcare around the world. In order to achieve these goals, we focus our Corporate Charitable Donations in the areas we believe significantly affect the health of our communities and where we believe we can have the biggest impact:


  • Organizations that support patients, particularly the most vulnerable; and
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) support.


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1. Complete the profile required registration, log into the Request Management System (RMS) Portal using the created user name and password.

2. Click the “submit new request” button, then select “Corporate Charitable Donation"

3. A set of instructions will be presented. Complete each step in the process and complete the application as described.

4. Once the application has been completely submitted the application will be routed to the grant specialist for review.

5. The user will be notified by email within 60 days of the submission date concerning the request decision.


Should you requires assistance, please contact Teva at the following: or 1-855-581-3851



                Required Documents



  • Request Letter Organizations’ Legal Letterhead
  • IRS Letter of Determination
  • W-9


Request Letter on the Organization's Legal Letterhead

The request letter should

1) be on the organization’s LEGAL letterhead

2) specify that the request is for a charitable donation

3) specify the total amount of funding being sought from Teva

4) contain a summary description of the program, the date and venue of the program, a list of sponsorship benefit tiers

5) contain a legal signature


Note: it may be necessary for the organization to scan and upload the request letter for it to contain the legal signature.


IRS Letter of Determination

Organizations must be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to be eligible for Teva Corporate Charitable Donations.  The IRS Letter of Determination is granted by the Internal Revenue Service. This document indicates under which section of the Internal Revenue Code your organization is qualified. This determination letter is the only official document and proof that your organization is recognized as a tax-exempt organization.

Corporate Charitable Donation Process

Teva is committed to conducting business in compliance with all applicable federal and state statutes and regulations.

Should you require assistance, please contact Teva at the following: or 1-855-581-3851.

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